Psychological Illusionist and Mentalist

Madman of Mind Magick

Pshychological Illusionist

Psy·cho·log·i·cal Il·lu·sion·ist:  noun; an adrenaline driven entertainer, utilizing psychological tricks, sleight of hand and mind,
                                                             as well as mind over matter stunts and escapes to create the Mandrake Experience

Israel Mandrake, the Madman of Mind Magick, is a new breed of entertainer. His fast paced modern style, combines award winning sleight of hand, hilarious hypnotic hijinks and mind blowing mentalism ALL combined for one full-force AMAZING must-see performance. Las Vegas headliner Israel Mandrake is 'the Madman of Mind Magick'.

Experience the award winning entertainment as mentalism (mind reading and hypnosis tricks) are mixed with world class sleight of hand. Mandrake's full force rapid pace, style and personality has entertained audiences from around the world.

Whether on a casino stage, up-close and personal for VIP, or private events, Mandrake parties with your guests as they laugh, watch and freak out. Mind Magick is exactly that... A new breed of entertainment from the Mind of Mandrake filled with hypnosis, mentalism, magic and tools to grow and expand your current business. For corporate clientel he will show you how to use these tools in your every day transactions and show you how to be the best at what you do.

Mandrake's Mind Magick style was designed for a vast array of clientele ( see clients of note ) . As a unique mentalist, Mandrake visually and mentally stimulates your audience. See metal bending, madness and mind reading merge as sleight of hand and sleight of mind become one!

Who We Have Worked With

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  1. Managing Director
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A mind blowing experience that can and will take you to a whole different world where the unexplainable happens.



Motivate, entertain and imform while expanding the mind of your team! They will be amazed at the world in front of them and what they can do after!
A more intimate version of the the full blown Mandrake Experience.  Leaving you breath taken away and your world shook to its core.